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Welcome to the Santa Clara Golf Club Website!

Results from the home tournament at Santa Clara on Sunday, May 17th are now posted.

Next up is the away tournament at Callippe Preserve in Pleasanton on Sunday May 31st.  Tee Times will be posted early next week.

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For those of you using PayPal to pay for tournaments, please remember to add the PayPal fee the club pays for the convenience ($0.30 + 2.9% of the total) For example, if you are paying a $13 fee, the total should be $13.68. Thanks.

The Nicklaus Club-Monterey (formerly Pasadera Country Club) weekday special:

We are going to be enforcing the pace of play rule at all of our tournaments.  If your group finishes 30 or more minutes behind the group in front of you, each player in your group may be assessed a 2-stroke penalty on the 18th hole.