We are going to be enforcing the pace of play rule at all of our tournaments.  If your group finishes 30 or more minutes behind the group in front of you, each player in your group will be assessed a 2-stroke penalty on the 18th hole unless an appeal to the tournament committee is granted.

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Tee Times for the 2-Man Scramble at Santa Clara on Sunday, May 20th are now posted.

2-Man Scramble rules:
·       Team Handicaps have been calculated by taking 35% of the lower player’s handicap + 15% of the higher player’s handicap according to the USGA recommendation for this format. 
·       Minimum of 6 drives per man.
·       Ball may be placed up to 1 club length from selected ball’s original position, no nearer the hole.  (You may move a ball from the rough to the fairway or from the fringe to the green if it is within 1 club length.)
·       If the selected shot is to be played from a hazard (including a sand trap), the first ball must be played as it lies, the other ball may be placed . (Yes, you may rake the trap for the second shot.)
·       In the event of a tie, scorecards will be backed-up from 18.
·       Once ANY ball has been holed out, the hole is over and that score is posted. (If you’re the first to putt and miss – DON’T TAP IN! – your partner will not be allowed to putt…)

·       All players will play from the BLUE NCGA stones.

​Next up is the tournament at Crystal Springs on Sunday, June 3rd.